Corine Channell


I live to write and write to live.

I am a mother of 6, grandmother of 8. I am in a season of my life now where I can pursue writing and give it full attention. I assist my son in his film company JackMorganProductions ( ; we produce short films, commercials, and documentaries. My job is editing and writing, and all things the written word. I have working towards a BA for the past 40 years (long true story) in Psychology and I am 8 classes away. It has become more of just the accomplishment of it now. I have studied child care, mental health issues (full length documentary on suicide prevention completed and on GODTV and in DVD form), psychology, English, and writing. I feel like I am the sum total of 40 years of classes both in the classroom and online. I glean from ALL of it. I am the glass-half-full person who has survived the death of my wonderful husband (from cancer), raised 6 kids, battled back from childhood/teen abuse and depression, and my faith IS the core of WHO I am. I make no apologies for life - I march on, against all odds with head held high. And , I write. :)
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