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Corinne is an adrenaline junkie, teacher, avid reader, journal writer, ocean enthusiast and connoisseur of cultural cuisines. She has developed her deep-rooted values from her family and faith-filled upbringing encompassed in love and compassion.

From a young age, Corinne has always loved to travel. Growing up in a family filled with airline employees, Corinne adopted the traveling/vagabond lifestyle naturally. The trip that changed everything for Corinne was a family mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she realized there was more to traveling than just a vacation. It was after this where her perspective on life and traveling changed drastically.

She began to seek out opportunities and travel experiences where she was able to make a difference and find a more meaningful purpose in life. Whether it was planting native trees at a biological reserve in Ecuador, hiking from Lisbon to Santiago on a religious pilgrimage to deepen her faith while forming relationships with people from all over the world or moving to Hawai'i Island to serve disadvantaged students for the past three years, Corinne has found more fulfillment in seeking these deep-rooted experiences throughout life.

Wherever Corinne visits or resides, she is always seeking to find deeper meaning, make connections, and fully encompass the experiences placed in her path. She plans to continue creating these memories on her travels to come.
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