Courtanae Heslop

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help entrepreneurs, small business owners and large corporations build and enhance their objectives through webinars & consultations.

Tallying my total number of years working within Human Resources and the knowledge I am gaining pursuing both my Post Graduate's Diploma in Management, EI and Coaching and Masters Degree in Human Resources Management, I get a thrill from helping these ones see their dreams come through.

I am a certified Project Manager, Investor, Online English Teacher, Blogger, Author, Writer and CEO & Founder of D'orandae (all branches) and have had features in the local newspaper.

I am also the Founder of Online Jobs Agency, a business determined to train individuals worldwide on becoming the best remote employee the world has ever seen before, during and even after working online through webinars, consultations and so much more.
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ENEB, Masters Degree in Human Resource Management
ENEB, Post Graduate's Diploma in Management, EI & Coaching
Montego Bay Community College, Associates Degree in Business & General Studies
Montego Bay, Jamaica|English

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