Courtney Craig

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Videographer

ex-journo turned digi-doer.

A former TV news producer turned digital doer, someone once told her that her "Producer" hat never came off. She hates mornings and likes obsessing over user experience, #coldbrew coffee, and travel.
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Product Video, Website Copy, Case Study, Blog Post
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Arizona State University, Journalism and Mass Communications
Phoenix, AZ, USA|English

Marketing Content

Why online dating sucks
May, 30 2017
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January, 29 2018
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March, 23 2018
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May, 10 2016
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February, 13 2014
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July, 11 2014

Marketing Content

Survey Results: How Much Do You Pay or Charge for Content? [Infographic]
January, 19 2016

TV/News Work

Angry Mother Drives Home With Her Teenage Son on Top of Car 4:18
July, 30 2014

Product Marketing

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