Courtney Paige Barnett

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Technical Writer

adorable freelance writer, content creator, and comedian

Los Angeles-based writer and comedian.

I regularly contribute to satire sites Reductress, The Hard Times, and Bunny Ears as well as write sketch comedy and videos for the internet.

My main writing topics include comedy, feminism, social issues, fashion, and lifestyle, and have written content for a number of small business across the country through ClearVoice.
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Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Script
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University of Texas at Austin, Radio-TV-Film
The Second City Hollywood Training Center, Conservatory
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

Published Content

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November, 27 2018
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Articles I've written for comedy sites and marketing content for companies and small businesses.

July, 24 2018
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June, 15 2018
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July, 28 2018
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June, 20 2018
GIRLS NIGHT OUT! The Street Harassment Video Game
September, 8 2016
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April, 7 2018
Orphanage Increases Adoptions by Listing Children as “Secondhand” and “Vintage”
June, 2 2018
Senses Fail to Offer Seminars on Ear Protection to Retain Aging Fans
February, 19 2018
Courtney Paige Barnett
January, 15 2018
All the Guys at This Bar Are Trying to Pick Me up but It’s Because I’m Lying on the Floor
February, 10 2018
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February, 13 2013
Item of the Day: Vannen Art Watches
February, 7 2013
How to Keep Your Relationship Alive So You Can Keep Using His Printer
July, 21 2016
Our Favorite Women’s Energy Bars to Get You Through Katie’s Coachella Stories
April, 25 2016
I Didn’t Take His Last Name Because I’m a Feminist and Also It’s Butt
August, 25 2016
Holiday Candles That Smell Just Like Your Years as a Feral Child of the Forest
October, 21 2016
5 Nail Trends For When You Don’t Have Any Important Shit to Type
February, 15 2016
Ways to Tell Men You’re Not Yelling When You’re Not Even Yelling
January, 15 2016
Courtney Barnett
March, 5 2018
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