Craig Robinson

Copywriter, Photographer, Writer

American Freelance Writer and Photographer Based in Prague, CZ

I'm a freelance writer / photographer with a journalism background. I've contributed to paper-based publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.) before everyone started reading their phones. I'm able to create unique articles using a variety of styles and tones, pitch story ideas, and deliver high-quality copy with little or no errors. In my free time, I enjoy inventing words mashed together from English and foreign languages (like 'bullscheiße') for use in writing humorous blog posts about the life of an American who left his country for that greener grass on the other side of the pond (Ireland, but wound up in Berlin, and later Prague). I describe myself as an American refugee, a serial expat, a Euro-immigrant, but never, repeat, never, a 'digital nomad.' I hate heat, mosquitoes, and sand in my laptop.
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Blog Post, Corporate Photo, Documentary, General Photo, Commercial, Website Copy, Script, Article
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Capital Christian High School, Diploma - 1984
Prague, Czechia|English



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