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It's somewhere on the Earth not on another planet

My name is Crystal White. I was born in New York, NY. I am the third eldest of seven children. Most of my life I always felt somehow that I was supposed to be doing more than the typical things that we are taught to do by certain ages. Things like going to college when you graduate high school, getting a good job, marrying while you're young, saving lots of money so you can buy a house by the time you are thirty years old and having kids while you are still young. In addition, enjoying life, retiring when you are 65 years of age and dying at a ripe old age. Well, my life did not quite go like that because I came to realize that the "cookie cutter pattern" was not for me. So I went to college much later in life than the typical person because that's when "I" felt comfortable in going. I graduated with a BA in Social Science with a concentration in education. I had many marriage proposals over the years, but the appointed time for me to get married has not come yet. I had two beautiful girls that have children of their own. While I was young I did follow that "cookie cutter pattern". Smile. I only within the last 3 years or so decided on wanting to buy a home because I just never desired one before. I have enjoyed life and plan by the grace of God to do a whole lot more enjoying life and that will incorporate continuing to utilize my gifts, talents, and abilities. I hope to leave this earth at a good old age after I have accomplished every reason why I was brought here in the beginning.
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Ashford University, BA in Social Science with a concentration in Education
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA|English

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This is about how relationships of all sorts should go. When you break apart the word R-E-A-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S and take every few words it can be understood better how relationships should really be viewed. The word R-E-A-L, means relationships should be based on realness. When you take the word A-T it should be based on the realness that is "at" everyone's disposal. When you take the letter "I' it's the individual that is responsible for their part of the relationship making it real. When you take the word "O-N" each person has to put for their action "on" how they are going to make and keep the relationship going or it can be looked at as the word I-O-N-S which means an electrical charge which ALL relationships have to have to keep them "charged" up. Last but not least, is the word H-I-P-S which means when people are joined at the hip like Siamese twins the relationship can't easily break apart.

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