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People sometimes think I am a weird person, but that's OK, I really kind of am. I'm often widely misunderstood, this is because I've never been that good at the whole "speaking" concept. I write to express myself when spoken words fail me. I love research writing, essays, copy writing, blogging, speech writing, plus many more subjects; and I am currently working on my first novel; which I have been for about 6 years, I know right, it's slow going. I have a great writing style; and a bangin' personality you can see pop on paper. My goal in writing is to make readers see what I am seeing in my mind, and feel what I am feeling in my soul, to be able to convey on paper my message so clearly that readers can really grasp the level I am expressing. I find passion in everything I write about, and I consider my work to be an extension of myself, as most writers do. So when I put my name on something you have the guarantee that your project will be 100% authentic and I back my work to the last dotted “I”. There is a quirkiness to me that is unique in the sense that my whole life I've adapted to other peoples' surroundings and expectations of what is “normal” social interaction. I can apply myself to any situation, and think on my feet, out side the box, right to your readers/customers with material they'll love and relate to! My services range from copy writing and editing, web copy, and content creation, to blogging, speech writing, ghost writing, proofreading, Biographies/life stories, and more! So, with all of that being said, what can I write for you today?
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Scottsdale Culinary Le Cordon Bleu , AOS Culinary Arts.
Mesa Community College , A.A. Communication Studies
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