Cyrielle Bikouta

Copywriter, Writer, Ghostwriter

The satisfaction of my customers is my priority

Hello my name is Cyrielle, with an eternal love for writing. I have experience in a variety of writing scripts - blog posts, Arts & Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Self Improvement, Business & Economy, Health & Fitness, Internet Business, Writing & Speaking and other kinds of literature.

I am known for my unique point of view, expressed in a strong but natural voice. My strength lies in the versatility of my writing - I quickly grasp what the client wants from me and make sure I satisfy them.

I believe in the beauty of the right word in the right place and for me, that is the true mark of a good writer. I approach each piece as a potential reader before taking on the role of writer, which motivates me to constantly refine my writing.

I love a challenge and look forward to it :)
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Article, Recipe, Animation, Blog Post
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University of California, Bsc
Union City, CA, USA|English, French, Spanish

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