DaLaura Monier

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Health & Wellness Writer

DaLaura Monier writes SEO web marketing content for small businesses located in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australasia. She also provides feature content to magazines and blogs.

She is passionate about health and wellness. DaLaura worked for an online health food store. She became knowledgable of every product sold, incorporated them into her lifestyle and encouraged subscribed members to do the same. She is a proponent of alternative medicine, natural products and remedies. DaLaura makes her own bath and body products from essential oils and items found in most kitchen pantries.

DaLaura loves roller blading on the boardwalk from Venice to Santa Monica. As a yoga enthusiast and meditation practitioner, mindfulness and wellbeing is her way of life. DaLaura has studied traditional folk and street dances. She taught Brazilian Samba in Mallorca, Spain. As a former Division 1 track and cross country athlete, DaLaura continues to be conscious of what she feeds her body temple. She enjoys outdoor distance running wherever she can find a level path and fresh air.

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University of Denver Law School, JD
Indiana University , BA
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

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