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I am a 38 year old mother of two from Northern Alberta Canada. I am not sure if my own personal journey so far including the raw truth, challenges ive faced, victories and life lessons are something that would interest any other humans besides myself and maybe people who are close to me...but if nothing else happens at all from sharing all of the beautiful and sometimes dark and scary things that together make me the person that i am then at least i have a record that i can reference in the future to accurately gauge all of the growth that ive made.

I want to speak about my past my present and hopes and fears for my future. I want to share everything i know about spiritual awakening, being spiritual in general, living every day as someone diagnosed with mental health issues, facing my addictions and learning to love myself. I want to talk about the music and art that moves me and the artwork that i create. I want to share about all of the things that im interested in and the ways that i incorporate them into my life. Most of all though i just hope that someday even one person finds something that i write about or post and it triggers something deep inside so that they look at themselves and find something in my journey that guides them in their own. That maybe a person will take a look at my content and know that they were never broken and that no matter how hard life can get, that theres unlimited potential locked up within themselves and that even the hardest of days are needed in order to move forward towards becoming everything we were always meant to be.
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