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Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Photographer, Videographer, Managing Editor

I am a self-made entrepreneur that is currently looking for team-members who want to take the journey to the two comma club with me!

I Promote all different types of products services and make money online programs. I am currently training myself in the field of Digital Advertising And Bussines SEO Optimization! I am an affiliate marketer who went to college for; Computer Information System Technology; Comp.TIA, .NET, Data Management/ with Network Administration and Security Management. A concentration in Computer Programming Basics; C, C++, C#, Python, Oracle, And Visual Basic I & II.

I have worked in all walks of life; from Parks and Recreation. Organizing activities for 100,s of children and teens during the Summer days. Coaching Siuslaw Matt Club, Umpiring for Florence Junior Baseball Association. Working in countless Restaurants as; a Server, & Busser, Dishwasher, Prep Cook, Baker, Line Cook, Even Gourmet Chef couple of years. I dug and replaced Septic-systems and underground pipes and conduits for Leisure Excavating. I did numerous Heavy lifting jobs moving People's Houses and Businesses. Building Retaining Walls, and landscaping; with huge rocks. Weighing hundreds of pounds by hand wheel-barrels and plywood with rollers. Building rock paths and above ground flower beds; spreading bark, mulch, and lava, or river rock. 1000's of loads of rock and sand dirt bark anything the customer wants!

I was a House painter for more than 25 years; When I was running a crew of 5-10 coworkers. Handling all aspects of preparing for jobs, and deligating workers effectively, over multiple jobs at the same time. Quality control, Customer problems, adjustments, repairs, touch-up we had to guarantee all jobs for one year. One of the more difficult tasks was when customers would want to add-on items that were not in bid originally. When Winter months slowed down. I would do any jobs that the customers were not happy about or still needed to be finished! This is when I learned a lot about Customer Service and satisfying Disgruntled Customers. Every job was a new adventure; with totally separate problems, working conditions, and different types of Customers. I normally didn't have proper tools, or equipment; usually, I worked those jobs alone. Without being trained prior to my first case. Never before dealing with customers personally; (especially angry customers who hadn't even heard from my boss in months sometimes years.) I was only like 19-20 years old; showing up to an unknown job. I never worked on, had no idea what was needed, and honestly had no idea about techniques or training to prepare me for those meetings. I always put the Customers' feelings first. Apologized to the Customers' first thing every day. My overall ability to please the customers became second nature; after a few years. I totally taught myself about the in's and out's of customer service; Whilst fixing the overall dynamic, of the Business'. Customer Satisfaction and Overall Customer Relationship; and ability to repeat business in the future!

My true talent lies in Sales and Customer Service; especially angry and disgruntled customers who are complaining! I love making a bad situation good and comfortable for both parties involved! I am very good at finding compromise or solutions when no one expected me to be able to solve the problem! I am great under pressure. When someone thinks it is impossible or something is completely broken and unfixable. I will go get some high heat epoxy and repair the part to get through the week until the new part can arrive! I have been known to go and grab a tool, special leader, or scaffolding to get to a working level with the application needed! It really doesn't matter how big or small the job is; If it is difficult, or easy. All that truly matters is getting the job done to the best of my abilities; with high-quality standards that I expect from myself! I think that with the proper knowledge; a little work, a guide, or a proper plan of action. Human beings can do some amazing things! I pride myself on integration and automation, in all aspects of life! If you have a problem, are experiencing difficulties, with a Project or Design. Pre or post-launch; I usually find a solution where; we can sit down together. Discuss Writing a new GUI, Program, or Business Plan, that will solve your issues! I take pride in helping people; who are struggling, or looking to improve their level of income! If someone has told you it can't be done; it is not possible, or no one can do that. Then this is your lucky day; I make the impossible a reality; it takes a little bit of time. I have a lot of resources; that are not even published. My connections are top class in every Field of Study. My initiative; work experience, Customer Relations, and management skills; are priceless. in all aspects of the business model!
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