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I'm Dana - author, blogger and freelance writer. But that's probably not noteworthy. Everyone here writes, right? I'm deep thinking, highly introverted and politically incorrect - and I'd rather keep my nose in a book than socialize.
My writing reflects a conversational tone that makes my readers feel as though they know me (well, some of them actually do). I write primarily about (responsible) healthy living practices, personal development, creativity, career, and basically anything that elevates a human being to live their truth and free their mind.

That being said, I am also capable of being versatile since I'm interested in a variety of different things (must be all the reading I do). Life is filled with opportunities to grow and create, so I'm open to projects that take me out of my comfort zone - just as long as they're ethical.
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Fitness Institute International, Inc., CPTS
Sheridan Vocational Technical School, Cosmetology
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