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I'm Dana - author, blogger and freelance writer. But that's probably not noteworthy. Everyone here writes, right? I'm deep thinking, highly introverted and politically incorrect - and I'd rather keep my nose in a book than socialize.
My writing reflects a conversational tone that makes my readers feel as though they know me (well, some of them actually do). I write primarily about (responsible) healthy living practices, personal development, creativity, career, and basically anything that elevates a human being to live their truth and free their mind.

That being said, I am also capable of being versatile since I'm interested in a variety of different things (must be all the reading I do). Life is filled with opportunities to grow and create, so I'm open to projects that take me out of my comfort zone - just as long as they're ethical.
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Fitness Institute International, Inc., CPTS
Sheridan Vocational Technical School, Cosmetology
Florida City, FL, USA|English

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December, 23 2015
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March, 12 2014
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Most women fear the idea of building muscle because they're afraid it'll make them bulk up. Instead, they want to "get toned." But what does getting toned really mean?

October, 21 2015
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April, 1 2017
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May, 14 2014
It’s time to stop judging our health against people who work out for a living

Healthy living isn't about comparing yourself to the beautiful people you see on tv and in magazines. It's about making wise and educated decisions regarding our well-being.

May, 30 2016
3 Herbs That Offer a Variety of Healing Benefits
June, 9 2016
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