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Creates the tough articles for you.

Dani Haight is a young writer who has taken on freelance article writing. She ended up here from her love of informative writing and found herself wanting to make a career out of her prior hobby. Dani is fueled by her passion for gaining new ways to improve her writing as well as her want to provide writing services for clients who need them. She considers herself very academically inclined and is eager build and work with her clients to satisfy their needs.

Her determination to turn information into the piece her clients request drives her confidence in her success. Dani believes that a good mindset in the workplace is what builds the foundation to success - which is something she lives out by consistently improving her positive mindset in everything she does professionally as well as in her personal life. Dani is currently hoping to build a successful freelance writing career with high hopes of providing a helpful service to those who need it.
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