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Redefining human experiences through innovation in research, design, and technology

The main intention of my research is to redefine human experiences through innovation in research, design, and technology. My projects aim to clarify fundamental scientific questions and controversies through interdisciplinary approaches. This work is at the interface between biomedicine, technology, and the humanities.

I enjoy exploring the unknown, the thrill and the sense of achievement that comes with familiarizing myself with the unknown. This passion has inspired me to create significant transitions, both conceptually and methodically, at every stage of my career. I choose specific research projects that improve human health and research fundamental biological aspects of human life.

Currently, I am focusing on problems that the rest of the academic world is ignoring, either because the problems are not yet recognized as important or because it is unclear how to explore them; and I am trying to advance their understanding to the point where a larger intellectual community can engage with them productively. I lead using advanced computing capabilities, including data science and machine learning, to accelerate the human ability to create new scientific discoveries.

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I believe immortality can be achieved through a mix of technology and biology. The vision is that, rather than needing our bodies to stay alive, we upload our brain’s data to a software program. This program can be installed in human-like robots to build β€œus”, us. It sounds like a genuine moonshot ambition, but it is an active scientific experiment supported by true research. And if that happens, we may all live forever.

Now whilst the result is still a long way away, we are starting the process with letting people store their β€œmind files”. These are digital records of a person's life, like emails, computer files and social media data, which they can use to help rebuild a person's mind as technology develops.

Given much research on aging and longevity, it seems inevitable that we will reach immortality. What that would look like remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: getting older is simply not what it used to be.
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