Danielle Davis


Uh-oh, Better Get Surviving!

Thank goodness 40 is the new 20! I've done a little of everything and still learning along the way. I've been that entry level worker, the manager, and everything in between. Through it all life has not stopped and of course thrown a few curve balls along the way. So what do you do? Well it's simple, let your survival instincts take over and power through it. Think about it, your job is laying people off and you're one of them! Don't wallow in self pity, let that part of your brain that screams "GET A JOB" take over. You'll be surprised at that you can accomplish and creative ways you can get your life back on track and into your happy place. I've figured out how to take it all in stride without melting down and ways to survive, strategize and save until I'm back in my happy place. Come along while I share what I know.
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