Danilo Renzi

Editor, Technical Writer


Danilo Renzi is a webmaster, translator and technical and general writer. He also has a good SEO knowledge. He actively worked on these fields since 2003, running Ionenet SA a small business Canadian company with two other guys, Alphonse Langueduc and Andrea Deangelis. But he started writing even before that. In 1999 he worked as a journalist and between 2000 and 2001 he worked translating website contents and making SEO for the Les Divertissement Cyber 2000 internet company.

Even if he still work for Ionenet, he is interested in working in other areas as well.

Danilo Renzi can finally accept payments anywhere because of the secure payment form built for his company and using Stripe api. He may also accept PayPal as well.

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Article, Ebook, Website Copy
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Collège Français of Montreal, Diploma in foreign languages
ISE, Montreal, Diploma in computer science
Montreal, QC, Canada|English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

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