Dave Carder

Content Writer: Expert Article and Blog Writer. Engagement GUARANTEED

You want content that your audience will actually want to read every word, that will position you and your brand as a thought leader, and will increase your SEO presence. You need something 98% of the writers out there cannot deliver. Here are a few testimonials:

"Good job adopting our voice and style. Just the right mix of SEO content."
"This is great! Honestly, it seems like each article is just getting better and better. Nice work."
"Our newsletters are getting more opens and increased click-throughs. Before you jumped in we were seeing lots of people opt-out"
"You have been right on target with these first few blog posts. Keep up the good work..."
I specialize in the following:
- Creating SEO Content
- Articles and Blog Writing
- Content Calendar Creation and Management
- Email Marketing and Newsletters
- Social Media Marketing
- Website Content

I help clients upgrade or create a plan around their entire content strategy. My range of industry experience and knowledge is diverse. I have a very curious mind and I am a voracious reader. I love to do research on new topics and will quickly become a subject matter expert. I carefully select and engage with clients. I will ask the right questions and do the appropriate research to meet and exceed your expectations for content delivery. I will keep the project focused and on task. My job is to take tasks off your plate and free up your time for other things. One of my favorite clients recently gave me this feedback:

"Thanks for staying on top of the articles and other posts. I will be swamped this week. I trust your instincts to decide."

Are you tired off being sent lack-luster work that feels like it was created by a content mill?

I am the guy who gets and keeps clients.

Find out why.

Best Regards- Dave Carder
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