David Flynn

Technical Writer

End User and Functional Documentation Specialist

I am an End User Documentation specialist with 12 years experience. I have documented the 7 user manuals of Fujitsu Retail Suite which is a Point of Sale Suite used at Walmart one of Fujitsu's prestigious clients. I will provide a Document Format & Style Guide up front at Projection Acceptance per our mutual agreement. Post the Completion of any project I will also provide an End User Documentation Maintenance Document so that you are in control of the documentation source at all times. Not to mention, I will also handover the documentation sources. This will ensure that you get 100 % quality and a 100% control of the content and deliverables.
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TS_Minutes of Meeting_2018-05-01_1600_HRS_IST.pdf

Each time a concall or meeting occures between the client and the business analysts or project manager, this template enables us to document the key points discussed in the meeting / call with a clear mention of action points and Risk Assessment performed during this activity.

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TS - Business Requirements Document - Template - v0.1.pdf

This is a standard template which is used to document the Business Requirements of a client which will be fulfilled by the application to be developed.

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TS_Technical Specifications Document_0.1.pdf

This is a standard Technical Specifications Document template which is used to document the technical aspects of an application being developed.

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TS - Software Requirement Specifications - Template - v0.1.pdf

This is a Software Requirements Specification Template which encapsulates all aspects of Software Development of a Solution / Application.

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This is my Curriculum Vitae and Resume to give you an idea of my experience and contributions with my clients.

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FRS - DFSG - v1.0.pdf

This is a standard Document Format & Style Guide which I utilize to deliver world class quality content to all my clients.

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