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Video Game and SaaS Specialist

I'm primarily a freelance writer and narrative designer for video games (meaning I'm mainly a storyteller), but in the course of that work have tackled logistical and technical writing as well. I've done everything from writing industry-facing articles on the design process, to technical manuals, to sales copy for the games themselves (store descriptions, loglines, websites and ads).

I've also done writing for software as a service pieces - primarily Stacklist.com. I spent months interviewing entrepreneurs and tech-based business owners about the software they used to manage and grow their business, then consolidated that information into concise, honest summaries of each products' strengths and weaknesses.
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PACE University, BFA - Musical Theater
New York, NY, USA|English

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Buyers Guide
Google Analytics - Best Web Analytics Tools for Startups

This is an example of the writing I've done in the software as a service industry. The product reviews have shifted and updated with the products themselves during the years I've been absent from the company, so this is no longer strictly my work you're looking at, but it's a good example of the type of content I make.

March, 5 2018
sample chapters

This is a few chapters from my upcoming ebook. It isn't yet published, but it shows my ability to construct long, clear arguments and hold reader attention.

Website Copy

This is both a game that I am currently writing for and example of website copy I've created promoting the game.

Blog Post
The Uses of Stereotypes

This is a blog post I wrote for Gamasutra - the leading site on video game industry news and education. This - along with several other of my posts - was featured on their front page.

June, 21 2014
Website Copy
Ultrafast Competitive Turn-Based Battles

Another example of website copy. This one was edited to be a bit too bro-tastic for my tastes, but it's a good example of how I work with limited space.

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