David Malcom

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Ghostwriter

An Expert Finance/Business Writer and Digital Marketer

Good writing is an integral part of a successful business. Let me help convert your ideas into great writing.

I have seven years experience as a finance and business writer. I have worked for small and large companies for the last 4 years in different job position until I quit to focus on freelancing full-time. In my 5 years as an expert freelancer, I have helped dozens of businesses improve their business prospects by creating new SEO friendly content and improving their writing. I have created web pages, white papers, blog posts, descriptions, postcards, brochures, online ads, etc.

Most of my work is GHOSTWRITING on different websites as per client's guidelines.

My pool of clients includes digital marketing companies, creative agencies, advertising agencies, large stores, and so on. I also work on mid-size blogs and companies to help them write compelling content to grow their business. I am Native English speaker and I can craft an excellent copy in English targeting U.S., U.K., and Australian audiences. In terms of working hours, I am flexible and ensure the work is delivered on time. I also ensure that the content is reviewed thoroughly to exceed your expectations.

Hire me and I will help you build a great business! Thanks
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Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Ebook, Press Release, Product Description, Website Copy, Whitepaper
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Website Copy
How New Mobile Devices Are Taking IoT Applications to the Next Level

The post was requested by a client on this platform and I am glad it was published. It highlights important things that show mobile devices are the key drivers of IOT to the next level.

August, 10 2018
Blog Post
7 Tactics to Create an Efficient Content Marketing Strategy

The client requested for a post on how to create an effective content marketing strategy to help new and existing business to boost search results, attract new customers, and deliver important information. I delivered as expected and the client loved it so much that he published it on his site.

February, 5 2017
Blog Post
Emerging Medical Technologies That Will Be Used In Vaping

The client wanted an informative post on medical technologies that will be used in vaping. I did an awesome job and delivered as expected and I am glad the article was published.

May, 17 2018
PDF upload
Blog Post
How to Efficiently and Sustainability Scale Your Business.pdf

I was requested to write this post by a client on this platform. The post is about ways to efficiently scale your business for startups and established businesses. It offers the right tips to use technology to scale your business even further.

PDF upload
Why Social Selling for Tech Companies Is of the Utmost Importance.pdf

This was actually a post I wrote for a client from Bambu Blog on social selling for tech companies. It provides detailed information on Employee Advocacy for Social Selling, brand awareness, and more.

Blog Post
How to Protect Your Website from Black Hat SEO Scammers

The article offers some useful tips on how to protect your website from Black Hat SEO. This will come in handy to help website owners to avoid being penalized by Google when there is an algorithm update.

March, 17 2018
Blog Post
How to Watch the Olympics Live Stream from Anywhere in the World

Who doesn't like sports? 2018 is a sports year with Olympics and World Cup being the talk of the town. The client wanted a good piece on Olympics live stream in different countries and I delivered as expected.

February, 6 2018
Blog Post
Innovative use of Blockchain, big data, AI, and other technologies – GraphGrail Ai Innovation plan

The client requested for a quality post on the use of Blockchain, big data, AI, and other technologies. I delivered beyond expectation and I am glad to see that it received a lot of shares. Impressive!

March, 4 2018
Social Copy
Social Media as a First Step to Run a Business

The copy is about social media marketing with some great tips on how to use social media to run your business.

January, 8 2018
Buyers Guide
Best Night Vision Scope Reviews in 2018

The client wanted a detailed review of different night vision scopes for an avid hunter. I delivered as expected with a keen focus on SEO.

February, 11 2018
ATN X-Sight 2 Review in 2018
February, 20 2018
Blog Post
Top 7 Killer Tips To Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Blog

The client wanted some great tips on how help increase the conversion rate to a blog. This helped increase traffic to their site by 30 percent.

February, 21 2018
Blog Post
7 Ways to Get Better At Writing: Personal Growth

The client needed a well-polished article on writing for personal growth. I delivered as per the requirement and surpassed the requirement.

February, 21 2018
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How to Make Your Marketing Look like A Million Bucks

The content is a simple guideline on how to make your marketing strategy effective.

July, 25 2017
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