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Hi, I'm David,

I founded a retail chain in 2013 with just £5000. Within 5 years we had 30 stores and multi-million annual revenues. We had no access to additional funding and being in a restricted advertising space we had to do all of this on purely organic marketing.

That means word of mouth, referrals and SEO. When it comes to getting blood out of a stone, I think I have the tools. To add a little more back-slapping to it, I had left prison with £49 in my pocket 2 years before.

I love writing, I currently have a best-selling audible publication and I write on numerous business blogs, including my own. My passions outside of entrepreneurialism, are retail, fitness and just playing around with SEO.

Yes, that's right - SEO is also a hobby. Said no-one, ever!

I have a blog called How To Start, where I test keyword research and content marketing ideas to better my own commercial work. Based in the UK, when I am not locked down during a pandemic, you can find me queuing up with a facemask for milk.
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Bournemouth University, Environmental Science Bsc (Hons)
London, UK|English

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