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David Taylor II is an author, songwriter, producer, educator, playwright, and poet. He writes sci fi, fantasy, children’s literature, and comic books. He is the author of the new children’s favorite, Diary of a Smart Black Kid and is also adding to his Dear God children’s series.
His latest novel, Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents and Sin is an internationally best-selling book. He has created an entire story world called The Realm from that first book and continues to expand it with coloring books, comic books, and audio books.
He is a co-composer for the smash hit theater production, Eye of the Storm: The Bayard Rustin Musical, nominated for 3 Black Theater Alliance awards.
In 2015 his book Wayward Pines: Survival, from the hit Fox TV show of the same name, broke top 10 in the Amazon best seller list and is currently still in the Top 100 of Kindle Worlds sci fi.
He is the writer of the independent comics The Nephilim Wars, The Order of Orali, and the Kryo-Karuto.
He is also the founder of Authors At Last™, an online site for Masterclass training for authors.

He is the proud father of two, as well as a lover of football, pizza, and a good glass of lemonade.

Email: Books@DT2Author.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DT2ComicsChat
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dt2author


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University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Bachelor's in Business Administration
Trinity International University, Bachelor's in Music
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