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Champions League – Match-day 3

Match-day 3 in Champions League brings some spectacular fixtures. Tonight’s stand-out match will take place in England.

October, 23 2018
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Milan derby and imperfect Juve

Inter vs AC Milan was the match of the weekend. The Milan derby attracted all the interest and on the Penisula. Only Genoa’s point in Turin got some attention beside the derby della Madonnina.

October, 22 2018
Blog Post
Chelsea FC vs Manchester United – nightmare defending

Chelsea FC vs Manchester United proved the real derby; goals, emotions, mistakes and boiling blood.

October, 21 2018
Blog Post
Fall of the giants

Apparently some will never learn, including myself, that in the Champions League surprises are on the order of the day. If 2 weeks ago there was one huge surprise, one big and the rest more or less went as expected this time there are much more surprises. One huge and three, let’s say, regular. And a very singular phenomena in one of the toughest groups.

October, 4 2018
Blog Post
UEFA Nations League

It’s national teams time. By now you’ve all probably learned about the new competition UEFA came up with, Nations League. I’m still not sure what to think about it as a whole but I like the idea of equally ranked teams playing each other.

October, 14 2018
Blog Post
Great City’s depression and United’s come-back

8th turn in Premier League and even if there weren’t any big surprises still lots of drama and emotions across the stadiums in England. From City’s great depression to United’s great come back.

October, 7 2018
Blog Post
Real in free fall but Barca follow closely

Another weekend in Spanish league and another couple of surprises. Real Madrid and Barcelona continue their duel in… failures! Real in free fall but Barca follows closely.

October, 9 2018
Blog Post
Juventus’ boring perfection and Piatek

In football every club would like to be that kind of boring and even more irritating. Last more-then-a-few years, 7 to be boringly precise, Juventus has done just that. I’m not referring to their on-pitch performances, that’s also a matter of taste, but in terms of end result the Turin giants have been very, extremely boring.

October, 10 2018
Blog Post
European cup and leagues review

Welcome to my BLOG The point of my writing is to give you my view on ongoing matters in the football world and to give you the chance to express your thoughts with comments.

October, 10 2018
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