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My name is Desirae and I love to write. For 17years I have been a preschool teacher, home health aid, and mother. I have written several books and children's books that I never tried to publish because my focus was my family and my job. I lost 2 sons in 2015, one to pediatric cancer and the other to murder. After this loss my life has never really been the same, my focus on my career has shifted and I came to a realization that there is so much my sons will never experience but so much I myself in my 40's have never experienced either. I shifted my career choice from childcare and home health to my passion of writing. I have successfully raised my other 2 sons, I am moving into an RV shortly and will take this time to travel the nation. During my travel time I will be stopping at lots of stores, tourist attractions, restaurants, and trying everything!! I will be then blogging both on Blogger and on Google my opinion, my experience, my recommendations, and lots of pictures. I feel every consumer should see what they are really getting and then have a choice as to whether or not they should waste their time, resources, and money to see, purchase or taste said items. Lord knows I have wasted lots of money and been very disappointed of items, places I have visited or things I have eaten because I was going off of a commercial that usually makes it too good to be true. SO... Manufactures beware! I'm coming for your product and I sugar coat nothing! :) I am also getting back into writing my children's stories and short chapter books for teens and adults. I am looking forward to seeing where the roads of life will lead me and becoming as successful and free as humanly possible.
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I Hate You Cancer, You Really Suck!

This is an original poem I wrote back in 2014 on Tumblr when my son was battling brain cancer. He was only 12 when I wrote it,.

December 1st, 2019
Blog Post
Google review of Chick-fil-A by Pearl Wagner

This is an experience I had going to Chic-Fila, this is a review. Next time I will remember to take pictures as this experience was very cool.
Stepping Back in Time At The Hippie Hut
November 29th, 2019
Do You Believe In Time Travel?

Clown Cone is a personal favorite of our families. My son's grew up going here every Sunday after church. We have watched this little store change and grow and watched Mark the owner grow a little older. This is truly our little piece of Disney. It's the happiest place on earth and it's almost like traveling back in time to the happy moments of your childhood.

November 30th, 2019
Short Stories and More

The Monster With-in is a make a long story short version of the High Grade Glioma Brain Cancer my son had. I lost my boy on Feb 14, 2015 and he was only 13 years old with his whole life ahead of him. Unfortunately, life happenings made him grow up way faster than he should of had to. We referred to his cancer as the monster. So this is a slight glimpse of what you feel as someone with a monster growing with in you and there's nothing you can do about it.
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Travel Adventures, Restaurant Reviews and Short Stories

Texas Road House visit, this was my experience and my opinion of the restaurant and what as a fluffy person you can expect to find when you come here.

November 29th, 2019
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