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I am South Africa, a writer and love what I do to offer the wide span readership I have gained in the many years of writing online.

English is my first language. I started writing 1997 and have hundreds of articles online. I write for pass time and for earning from my work.
I have interest in writing every day and writing is a big part of my life. I can do the work and give my best results. Writing skill is like art it needs molding to improve and is what I do. I deliver projects on time and have a unique skill in writing books and sharing my work to others online.
I produce the best work from what I know and achieve goals. My experience allows me to try to grow in the writing field. I have a talent in writing and enthusiastic to work. I write at any level and produce the best results on any topic. I deliver projects on time; I am hopeful in writing and my thoughts come from the heart. I provide quality and the best work to readers.
I can handle workload and work on projects and keen to work to show you my original work.

You will find my work on this link
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