Devin Lofland

Jack of All Trades, I enjoy writing about what people want to achieve and how they can get there.

“Passion unguided is, for the most part, mere madness.” -Thomas Hobbes

One of the hardest things in life is deciding what you want to accomplish. What to do for a career, what to eat for dinner, and especially what athletic feat you want to accomplish next. My job is to help you define and achieve your athletic or life goals. I would love to help you blow your own mind and accomplish more than you thought possible.

During my years in college I competed as a thrower on the Track and field team, trained in Muay Thai, completed obstacle races, trained bodybuilders, and have trained in distance swimming and running. After graduating from the University of Texas I developed an appreciation for pain free training and have dedicated my studies to learning how to train at the highest level while maintaining an injury free body.

While working with coaches, doctors, and trainers in the NCAA I had the ability to see all sides of fitness and health at every level of training and rehab. The ability to work with NCAA faculty has allowed me to become a much more intelligent and well rounded trainer for every athlete in any sport. I help develop realistic and attainable goals for the athlete on any and every level, whether that be starting from the couch or returning to the Olympics.

My philosophy is that without a game plan, no endeavor can be effective in accomplishing an end goal. In my 4 years of training I have helped athletes obtain a wide variety of goals ranging from increased mobility and decreased pain to completing triathlons, building endurance, strength and muscle mass to running 10 Kilometer races and obstacle runs, and building overall mass and competing in aesthetic based competitions.
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