Diana Madaleno

Content Strategist, Editor, Writer

Engaging Bilingual Writer w/ Proven Results & S.E.O. Chops. Also, Digital Marketing Crusader and Ukulele Enthusiast!

Hi! I'm a Portuguese bookworm, fluent in English, with a geeky soul. I write no-fluff articles, detailed guides, email newsletters & social media posts on Digital Marketing, Apps, Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Entertainment & Parenting.

Some of my articles are ranking on Google's #1 position for related keywords (e.g. "best storytelling festivals" & "storytelling to get clients"). I love digging deep into topics & searching for stats, academic studies as well as concrete examples to back up my writing. Background in Clinical Psychology and experience in Digital Marketing (I've been working remotely as a virtual assistant since 2015 and I'm working on a couple side hustles). Well versed in basic S.E.O., copywriting & conversion optimization. Tech-savvy and slightly obsessed with emojis & ukuleles!

For my work I use tools such as Wordpress, YOAST SEO Plug-in, Elementor plug-in, Photoshop, Mailchimp, Slack, Evernote, Trello, Canva, SERPstat, KeywordFinder, Hootsuite, SmarterQueue, etc.

My life goals are to CREATE, EDUCATE & INSPIRE! 😉👊 Feel free to get in touch to see if I am a good fit for your upcoming project!
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Article, Blog Post, Guide, Social Copy, Direct Mail
More Information
Instituto de Psicologia Aplicada, - Clinical Psychology (bachelor's degree)
MOZ , - S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)
College of Media and Publishing, - Copywriting (incomplete)
Portugal|English, Portuguese

Published Content

Hello world!
November, 3 2016
What is a Blog and Why Do I Need One?
December, 23 2015
How to tune your Ukulele
April, 9 2017
How Can a Blog Make Money and How Much Can I Earn?
January, 11 2016
Social Copy
World's Marathons on Instagram: “Have you tried incorporating stair-climbing in your running workouts? When you climb stairs you use muscle stabilizers, such as the…”

This was one from a series of posts that I created for a startup (World's Marathons), featuring several health & running tips for marathon runners. I was also in charge of curating and sharing images from other profiles, as well as doing influencer outreach (to find, edit and share running stories from influencers in the running niche). This particular post received over 400 likes and several relevant comments.

Introduction to Twitter: Find Bite-Sized Answers to all your Questions!

This is a recent 900+ words guide that I created for Twitter newbies. It introduces the platform and answers some of the most common questions regarding Twitter, such as "What is a Tweet?", "Should I be using Twitter for my business?", "How can I get my first followers?", etc. The guide features several screenshot of actual tweets, to improve the reader's comprhension of the content and to hel with SEO. I've conducted an initial keyword research before deciding to create this guide and I'm currently focusing on link building to improve its ranking.

April, 10 2018
Direct Mail
Email newsletter: "A cool language learning game, Yousician, an exotic Butter Chicken recipe… and more!"

This is the first issue of a recent project of mine, a newsletter for moms (currently on hiatus due to a rebrand).

How to Take Care of Your Ukulele

This was one from a series of articles on ukuleles that I created for a client - NOVA Music Center. It's currently ranking on Google's #15 position for the keyword "how to take care of ukulele".

April, 7 2017
10 Storytelling Festivals You Must Attend in 2016

This article is currently ranking on Google’s #1 position for the keyword “best storytelling festivals” and has earned a link from Wikipedia and several others, even though the article is not fully SEO optimized (I wasn't aware of SEO at the time of writing). It also received 100 Pinterest pins and 31 Facebook shares.

November, 11 2015
How to Use Storytelling to Get Clients for Your Business

This article is currently ranking on Google’s #1 position for the keywords “storytelling to get clients” & “how to use storytelling to get clients”. It features several real examples of businesses using storytelling to get more clients.

November, 30 2015
Social Copy
Health Coaches Community on Instagram: “Don't be afraid to showcase the real you in your business. You'll be amazed at how much people value authenticity. Show off your geeky…”

This was one of a series of social media posts that I created for a client - Health Coaches Community. I created posts featuring marketing & business tips for new health coaches, both for Instagram and Facebook. I was also in charge of the image curation/creation and scheduling of the posts.

May, 18 2016
Three fun and useful running apps

This article was created to introduce runners to a few running apps. It's currently ranking on Google's #2 position for the keyword "useful running apps" and #15 for "fun running apps". It features a short blurb on why each app is so unique and useful.

February, 1 2017
Top 5 DIY Content Marketing Tools & Resources That You Need NOW

An article that introduces readers to 5 useful content marketing tools & resources. It explains why each tool should be used and features links to relevant resources.

December, 7 2015
Social Copy
Diana Madaleno on Twitter: Wow! 🔥🔥 Such incredible insights and little hacks to help us marketers with Facebook ads! #SocialMedia #facebookads #marketing h...

One of the series of tweets from my personal Twitter account, featuring several tools, resources & links that interest me.

April, 26 2018
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