Diego Belisario Cancino Guerrero

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“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour

Hello! My name is Diego, a passionate writer and investigator. Since I started offering my services, I have worked hard to provide the best quality to each of my clients. I study and improve my skills constantly, and I always treat my clients with all my respect.

Contact: +52 2293312406

Gmail: doegp.can.gue@gmail.com

I have very good writing and research skills, so I have decided to make my dream come true and become a freelance writer.

All my works have the highest quality, in addition to that, I contrast the information between different sources to make sure that the data is correct.

My style is easy to read, I try to keep my articles simple so that anyone can understand them, in the same way, I can focus the text on a sector with knowledge about the subject, for example, I have written about the internal operation of a car, focusing on mechanics and engineers.

I always listen carefully to my client, I imagine what the target audience is, and I have developed the SEO writing skill.
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