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An honest voice for everything dating, relationships, personal development, yoga, fitness, content marketing, business, parenting, and lifestyle.

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I have over a decade of experience writing for the health, yoga, fitness, love, relationship, dating, and personal development verticals. Additionally, in the last year, I have written and sold pieces about content marketing, business, and writing. My writing has appeared on Writer Access, Biz News Articles, Content Marketing Conference, Lexington Life Magazine, Doctor Wise, MMA Fury, Dieting Well Fit, Fearless Soul, Bolde, MSN Lifestyle, and Your Tango. Additionally, I have created eBooks for the paid members of Digital Romance and have sold several articles to other content sites.

My experience as a yoga instructor, love attraction coach, and a parent inspire much of my work. My hope is that the articles I create will improve the lives of others and inspire joyful living.

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