Dmitry Yarygin

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I'm a professional writer with 2+ years of experience. I love to travel, discover new places and share my view of life with the world.
I think that the most important quality of the writer is to be able to make interesting, engaging articles.
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Article, Blog Post, Guide, Ebook
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Kuban State University, Bachelor of Science (BS), Information Technology
Udacity, Android Developer Nanodegree
San Jose, CA, USA|English, Russian

Published Content

Budget travel: How to travel the world on a low budget
June, 8 2019
Android Translation: Top 5 Errors to Watch out For

A blog post on PhraseApp blog about typical localization problems when it comes to developing applications.

March, 11 2019
San Francisco: 7 reasons why you you shouldn’t move there

7 reasons while living in San Francisco is not worth it

January, 27 2019
International Driving Permit: How to obtain it?

How to obtain International Driving Permit

February, 23 2019
Oregon coast: 5 best places to visit

Oregon trip: What places to visit on your coastal trip

March, 11 2019
Tijuana – San Diego border: 5 important rules for crossing
January, 7 2019
Tijuana museum guide: Tijuana Collector’s Museum in Mexico
January, 7 2019
How to travel like a king on a low budget: 5 main rules
September, 8 2017
Vanlife. Nomad challenges when living in the vehicle
September, 11 2018
Quick guide: Realistic cost of living in Mexico city, Mexico
October, 12 2018
Buses in Mexico: affordable and convinient way of travel
December, 28 2018
How does USA – Mexico border looks like?
December, 29 2018
Is it safe for me to travel or live in Mexico?
January, 3 2019
Why should you quit your office job and work remotely?
September, 4 2018
How to book Airbnb rooms/apartments at the best price?

When planning your trip it's always important to find a way to save money and make it more efficient

September, 7 2018
Experience: Camping in Mojave desert
August, 25 2017
Rediscovering American cities: Virginia city, NV

This article is about Virginia city, Nevada. Very interesting town in Nevada that has a lot of history.

February, 24 2017
Lake Tahoe camping: Best places to camp on budget?

This article is about camping and how to make the most of it when traveling around Lake Tahoe area.

August, 25 2017
«Одни видят в России медведей, другие хотят в нее переехать»

This is the article that was posted about me in one of the Russian media websites. It's the author of the content. This article is written in Russian language.

August, 19 2018
Blog Post
Rules for successful single day road trip

This article is about planning of a road trip and how to make it efficient

August, 28 2017
Blog Post
Los Angeles in one day: What to visit?

This articles describes how to plan your trip to Los Angeles and what places are the must to visit during a limited timeframe (one day).

August, 31 2017
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