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Since being a university graduate with a BA Honours in Drama and Performance, I have always had a passion for writing. During my formative career, my jobs have been varied from being an office administrator to project coordinator, self-employed professional singer to teaching assistant giving me a platform for my writing skills from reports and reviews, assignments to lesson plans and promotional purposes, either for myself or for associates professionally or otherwise. My deep desire for being a fiction and non-fiction writer came about when I realised that I love story-telling and sharing informative and knowledgeable self-help steps and methods from my own research and personal experiences which led to creating a website displaying a few of my fiction and non-fiction books. Know your voice, Love your voice, my debut non-fiction which has been self-published on Kindle Direct can be seen on the website with a short synopsis and those that are in the process of being completed. I hope that I am able to help and provide you with my creative service to meet your requirements.
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This is a short sample of one of my 'Wanting' series of short stories based on survival, forgiveness and love.

September 1st, 2019
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Book: Know Your Voice, Love Your Voice Author: Dolly James Date: 24/01/2018 Know Your Voice, Love Your Voice, an easily accessible and a candid, compact book which gives an insight of my subjective experiences and steps taken in resolving my vocal and health issues naturally and holistically. Losing my voice for three months resulted in booking cancellations and reducing my livelihood. It made me realise that I had to make critical changes in my way of life; addressing my mental, emotional and physical state, and diet. I have been a professional singer for over twenty-five years, toured as a backing vocalist, worked as a recording session singer, a tribute artiste and performer, practitioner of vocal, drama and performance workshops and an ardent cook; forever an optimist towards achieving good health in mind, body and spirit. My sister who is a sufferer of ME (Myalgic -encephalomyelitis) for over eighteen years has been my first and foremost inspiration in writing this book and have been contributory in my research and understanding of how food can harm and heal. During my research and notifications that I received on social media regarding my fellow musicians and singers of their inability to do a show, sometimes resulting to cancellations due to loss of voice and feeling unwell, spurred me on to writing this book. Not only does it cover my own individual experiences but my quest for finding remedies and implementing steps and methods to my recovery over the years which goes beyond from the tried and tested procedures that most of us know and use. This book gives beneficial information with the gentle provoking towards understanding, gaining of knowledge and actioning the steps in the healing and maintenance of the voice and being mindful of our mental and emotional state, the type of exercise and nutrition required; taking charge of our well-being. The methods and steps can be improvised and adapted to the readers’ requirements. I have deliberately populated the book with colourful images for an appealing and enjoyable read. I wanted to share my enthusiasm and passion for a better understanding and knowledge in looking after my overall health which has a direct impact on my voice. This book is dedicated to singers, speakers and those using their voice as a tool of communication.

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