Dominik Oktabec

Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Content Strategist

Think different and then again. - Steve Jobs

my name is Dominik, I'm from Czech republic more accurately from city called Bridge which is close to Prague. I can speak three languages - czech, slovak, english and little bit of german and polak. I've been always different, I've wanted things to be different. So I've decided to make money by myself, that is the reason why I'm here. I work with Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas for long time and I write SEO articles. Computers, and things related to it were always my cup of coffee. Also I cooperate with professionals which can write awesome SEO articles and cooperate with me on some logo orders. They are awesome and very into their jobs. When we sum it up I can provide you professional logos for your business and stuff, SEO articles, video edit and a lot more.

*** if you want to know more about me or you wanna order something, contact me on this site / on my mail ***
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Article, News Video, Video, Social Video, Product Video, Blog Post, Graphic, Product Description, Website Copy
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Most, Czechia|Czech, German, English, Polish, Slovak

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