Jazmin Harris

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Graphic Designer

The #1 motivating force behind human action is...

Care to take a guess? Is it Money? Family? Perhaps it's Achievement? Not at all.

Curiosity, fear, empathy, elation - each of these emotions compels humans to take action. A good copywriter understands which emotions to invoke in order to get the ACTION desired. Whether you need to increase your click rates, customer retention or some other (the client) desires. I'd be delighted to dig deep into the minds of your audience to capture the reaction you seek.

Work experience includes web site design, print graphic design, HR, Retail Operations Management, Corporate HR, parent, homeschool parent of 4, tried and tested. I guarantee I can provide professional and polished work - no matter the audience or client.
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Centura College, AAS Computer Admin
Virginia Beach, VA, USA|English

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