Doug Messel

Editorial and social media writing optimized to meet your needs.

"the bats flew in the nite."

I've been a writer as long as I can remember, and that first sentence launched a twenty-one year journey from the rural outskirts of a southern Indiana town to the suburbs of Kansas City. It's my dream and passion to create engaging written content for both web and print.

Building upon my communication skills, I've honed a wealth of professional sales experience in a retail environment for the past ten years. This includes working in industries as varied as fashion, home entertainment, and office technology. I know how to both reach and influence people and can put those skills to use in a variety of functions. I'm skilled in feature writing, screenwriting, visual merchandising, corporate communications, and other applications.

In short, I'm a sales and editorial professional with 10 years of varied experience, including three years of hands-on management roles and time spent in editorial publishing.
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