Doug Wilson

If it involves products, athletics & exercise, marketing & advertising, music, film, food, or finances, I'm interested!

I have a wide variety of experience and interests to draw from when writing articles. I began my career with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and spent five years doing product design for an industrial firm. I left that job to join IBM as a Sales and Marketing associate for three years, at which point I left to start up a software company which grew to nearly 100 employees. I stayed in the entrepreneurial mode for 14 years, starting two more businesses devoted to online video production and eCommerce. In 2004 I transitioned purely to Online Marketing, where I have since helped build into an industry-leading eCommerce site. Throughout those various experiences, I have been responsible for creating hundreds of pieces of written content including articles, brochures, business plans, product videos, learning center articles, blog posts, product catalogs, executive presentations, etc. Throughout my education and my career, I have consistently received feedback from my teachers and bosses that I have strong written communication skills. However, most of my written work has been for internal audiences, which is why I have a limited number of current articles posted.

Outside of my work experiences, I have a wide range of interests and experiences to draw from. I am an avid musician and have written, recorded and performed music for over 20 years in all types of venues. I have trained for, and competed in, triathlons, marathons, bike races and time trials. In college I was a competitive diver for four years in the Atlantic Coast Conference. As you can tell, I love exercise and competition, and I also like to read books, listen to music, and watch movies. I'm also interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and food choices. I enjoy food preparation and cooking with my wife, and she and I have also facilitated financial education and counseling through our church.

Thank you for considering me for your assignment.
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