Koffa Toeque

Content Strategist, Developmental Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Technical Writer, Videographer

“I develop with keeping in mind the user experience.”

A dedicated designer and content creator with progressively experience in fashion, brand development, mobile app, in addition to training, and educational leadership. Recognized for reliability and "getting the job done" through persistence and strong work ethics.

I am a pattern maker, designer, and educator who can develop and execute custom-made knits, wovens, and concepts from concept to manufacturing. As a creator, I've gained experience line sheets, sourcing fabrics, and findings, under extremely tight due dates. I have around thirteen years of expert involvement in apparel product development, and flat pattern making, graphic design, and print design. Besides the above skills, I have a diverse background which has given me the experience to be hired to develop mobile apps and interfaces online courses for consumer brands, entertainment companies, and public figures.
Content Types
Social Video, Landing Page, Case Study, Narrative Video, Presentation, Product Description
More Information
Argosy University, Doctor of Education
Argosy University, Master of Arts in Education
California State University at Pomona, Bachelors of Science
Las Vegas, NV, USA|English

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Product Video
Fran Le_Mobile_Learning_App_byPROInventive

Fran Le is a Mobile App under Development All Rights Reserved 2017

September, 5 2018
Lab Course Sampler
August, 19 2018
Ad/Promotional Copy
Invisible Text 5.0 IS HERE!
November, 3 2014
CSUPomonaAMM101 Sample Week Lecture Intro
November, 21 2012
Corporate Video
Thorpe Commercial for ELearning Course
March, 27 2018
Ad/Promotional Copy
BlueStocking Commercial 5 2018
May, 17 2018
Corporate Video
SampleElearningGame App HerbalifeSkin

A Product Training Sample: Instructional Design: Working in Storyline, Adobe: llustrator,Photoshop, Priemere, and After Effects

November, 19 2013
Corporate Video
Contractor Safety Management Standard Training

INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER​ ILLUSTRATOR ONLINE EDUCATION GRAPHICS ​ Dr. Koffajuah Toeque Ed.D KOFFA TOEQUE View Work Samples View Resume Contact Me Today ​SUMMARY OF WORK SAMPLES A Compliance Training Video Sample: Training Video Design:Working in Adobe: Illustrator,Photoshop, Priemere, and After Effects A Compliance Training ELearning Sample: Instructional Design and Ed. Video Production: Working in Articulate Storyline, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Camtasia

January, 31 2017
Corporate Video
Expenditures Video Learning

Video Training, Video Production and Script Writing Project.

October, 8 2013
Ad/Promotional Copy
Lash School By Winxed
June, 21 2017
A Preview Clip of Course Navigation Employee Customer Service Course: Instructional Design: After Effects Adobe: Photoshop
December, 12 2017
Management Training Course ELearning Sample: Instructional Design: Articulate Storyline 360 PowerPoint Adobe: Photoshop

A Leadership Course to aid in managers creating a plan to write reviews

February, 2 2018
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