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I graduated from university with a degree in physics. I have experience working as a web application developer and an English teacher in Japan. My passion for writing started when I was young; I wrote my first story when I was eight years old. I have been involved with student newspapers and helped start a school newspaper in Japan. It was around that time that I discovered that I can make money as a freelance writer.
I'm passionate about learning new things and connecting with other people. My experience doing public speaking has helped me become a good communicator. What intrigues m most about writing - and language in general - is how a few written words can have a major impact on people. We often hear stories of how people's lives were changed after reading a certain book, or article. And that is exactly my dream: change the world one word at a time.
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Social Copy, Website Copy, Blog Post
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University of Pretoria, Bachelors of Science (Phsyics)
Pretoria, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

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