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You never can go wrong treating people right!

I grew up in a small town in Michigan, graduating from high school in the very last part of the 20th century: Class of 1999. I've enjoyed writing and story telling ever since the time I was taught to read, write and communicate. Despite this passion, professionally, I spent many of my beginning adult years working in car repair facilities, mainly oil change shops. There I learned much about people, and the business world. I quickly moved my way into a management position, where I got quite a bit of experience, outlining training programs, and writing letters to upper management and customers. Sometime about 10 years later, I decided I liked driving cars much more than fixing them, so I spent some years as a taxi driver. Almost 10 years actually, and I currently drive part time. I absolutely love being a chauffeur. I enjoy being around people and hearing their stories. I also enjoy the challenge of working as a contractor, with no guaranteed rate of pay, just don't ask me why! While being a taxi driver, and eventually owning a taxi company, I proved to be quite proficient at book keeping, and also finding my writing passions', again, serving me very well in this profession. I have used this skill to write many letters for my company, and others, on topics and purpose ranging from local advertising schemes, to collection of unpaid bills. Besides working, I also am interested in boating, and the outdoors. I am mostly passionate about helping others, new adventures of all sorts, and finding value where its hard to see. I have a goal of making a modest part time income exclusively from the computer, in hopes of releasing any geographical living restrictions, so I can travel, more freely, and see this amazing place we call "the world". I am a very hard worker, and dedicated to adding value to any project, for anyone willing to work with me.
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