Dustin Rodgers, A.G. Ret.

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Technical Writer, Writer

Author | Graphic Artist | Online Marketing

An extraordinary life and owning several advertising agencies since 1982, has allowed me to acquire a variety of skill sets, including; copywriting, graphic arts, information technology, and more. The experience gained in my journey, allows me to help with your project(s).

Quick and intuitive, a master at becoming a subject matter expert (SME). Likewise, I am passionate, versatile, innovative, a natural problem solver, pinpoint accurate with details, and genuinely curious about client products and services.

I can deliver:

• Punchy Attention-grabbing SEO Headlines
• High-quality, Engaging Articles, and SEO Website Copy
• Mouthwatering, SEO Perfect Product Descriptions
• Technically Correct Instructions, User Manuals, etc.


In my effort to write the perfect articles, how to, and other informational pages for you, my focus is striking a balance between "engaging reading" speaking directly to search engines.

My unique and extremely targeted SEO articles enhance the magic of a website. These articles bring traffic that is "on-target" with the exact mindset of the person you want to speak to.

Images and video help to break up the otherwise boring text. Making the finished work, a more comfortable and inviting read. So I routinely add, relevant images to make my articles and web pages more dynamic and appealing. I only use royalty-free images. Likewise, I typically add one or more videos and slideshows when possible to emphasize a point, etc.

Let me create something awesome for your company..!


Competent with both long-form and short-form copy. Let me help you with focused articles, website copy, video scripts, and other promotional and educational materials.

Let me create for you; high quality, enticing, engaging and unique; articles,
advertisements, TV, Radio scripts, promotional materials, SEO content for
landing pages, sales pages, or link bait for your website or online store.

18 YRS | SEO

Been working magic with SEO since before the term existed. Using my own advanced tools, I GUARANTEE that articles written for you will earn a HIGH-SEO-GRADE for 2-3 long-tail keyword phrases.

Special SEO Tools: My SEO tools are frequently updated, and consider every
important aspect of "Advanced SEO Science", that's why I can GUARANTEE a
90-100% SEO-GRADE for every page I write for you. My tools are more powerful
and more strict than other tools, including Yoast.


My previous client list includes; Lahaina Cannery Mall, Mailboxes, etc., TCBY, Ritz Carlton, Polo Beach Club, Maui Mayor – Linda Lingle, Maui Visitors Bureau, etc. (see my freelance profile)

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Personal Website ----- http://8411.SassyRV.com

If you're looking for one in a million, "perhaps you're looking for me"..!!
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Graphic, Guide, Presentation, Page Layout, Script, Product Photography, Checklist
More Information
Blackstone Career Institute, Torts, Criminal Law & Procedures (2 years, incomplete)
Life Experience , Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Arts, Information Technology, Software Development, User Interface, etc.
Florence, OR USA|English

Published Content

President Trump | Shutdown Showdown

It’s official, United States President Donald Trump has drawn a line in the sand. However, not the line expected. What may have been billed as a quest to stop illegal immigration, and a bid to protect American jobs… has become a one-man “Shutdown Showdown“. This is no longer immigration news, we are no longer placing odds of a government shutdown. This is really real, really absurd, and really could last a long time. “Donald Trump Is The Real National Emergency… The emergency is the fact we don’t have an executive who’s exercising his power in a responsible way.” ~Lawrence Lessig, Harvard professor The story starts with one man’s dream, in this dream, President Donald Trump must build a “Great Wall of the West”, to protect this great and powerful nation of fearful Americans, from evil Mexican workers stealing… “the low-wage jobs no American wants”.

January 11th, 2019

By design, development tools like; SQL, PHP, FileMaker give development teams the freedom to randomly name; tables, fields, scripts, and display layouts. Likewise, testing teams have the same freedom creating titles for ‘Bug Reports’. But, freedom comes at a price. In this case, the freedom to randomly name elements can result in less efficiency. However, we can increase efficiency and organization through well structured, ‘Unique Naming’

March 1st, 2018
Who is DuckBird..?

DuckBird is the 'Official Mascot' for DuckBird.com a FREE MOVIES and Entertainment website, otherwise known as DuckBird TV. She recommends great Chick Flicks, Love Stories, Comedy, and Time Travel movies.

Website Copy
Detox | Easy as 1-2-3

What you will find here does not come from a doctor of medicine. Rather, this is from real life experience, some experimentation, and insights from various knowledgeable people. This is my copy, graphics, website design, and website management.

April 8th, 2018
yo that

DuckBird is the 'Official Mascot' for DuckBird.com a FREE MOVIES and Entertainment website, otherwise known as DuckBird TV. DuckBird has a twin brother, his name is Sir Grey, and he is currently flying the friendly skies of Oregon looking to find his way back home with DuckBird who misses him very much.

July 26th, 2018
Website Copy
Collector Cars Collection - Banknote 101

This is a store page designed to sell novelty banknotes. The copy is mine, the graphics are mine, and the product designs are mine. Likewise, the store is my install and website management.

Website Copy
Mandela Effect and False Memory

The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon that has swept the world. The concept implies the existence of alternate timeframes and realities, time travel, etc. I find the topic exciting and this is a sort of compendium, that is SEO perfect.

7 Ways to Keep Your RV Cool

Traveling with your RV is an adventure that calls, but most RVs can quickly become a hot box in the Sun. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your RV against the rising heat. To help you, we offer 10 simple ways to cool down the hottest RV experiences this travel season.

Website Copy
Improve your On-Site SEO

Thanks to Google updates like the Penguin and Panda, improving your On-Site SEO generates significant and permanent SEO results. This web page explains the SEO services I can provide you with. My copy, graphics, website and website management.

Website Copy
Time Travel

Here is a subject that I enjoy and have created a page to present. Time travel is a debated subject. Some believe, others do not. Either way a part of our culture, this page explores the topic and offers ready to watch entertainment.

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