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I'm Dylicious, pleased to meet you!

If you have a dollar I have a write-up.

If you are looking for someone to tackle a topic who thinks outside the box I'll give you a sample right now; "If you change the style and key of Radiohead's Creep, it almost could have been one of Smash Mouth's bangers."

My reviews and editorials that have gone to print have always been in the music and entertainment vein however I have produced and written reviews and in-depth analyses for the gaming industry for radio segments through Joy 94.9 on the program Sci-Fi and Squeam and was able to represent the LGBTIQA Community on panels at PAX AUS and Queer Expo with the Queer Geeks of Oz. Along with pop culture, I have also held my own as producer from my time as anchor and producer on Joy's flagship Queer News and Youth Affairs program Generation Next.

Strange content welcomed.
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