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Don't Read This Description!

“Unless You Want Irresistible Sales Letter!”

Dear Entrepreneur,

So you must want a Kick-ass sales letter!

If you're reading this description, then my headline did its job by grabbing you and pulling you in. There was science behind this too. What happened was call Reactance. (Reactance is our intrinsic desire to push back or resist when we perceive that our ability to freely choose is being restricted by another person). There’s a way to rid your sales letter of this. Could your copy use the science of persuasion?

If you’re a start up business looking for an impactful sales letter that will attract even the most skeptical customer


If you’re an overwhelmed business owner aching to put the spark back into your copy to generate skyrocketing results. Then you want to read every word in this description.

You don't know where to start and you're tired of researching how to write the perfect sales letter. Your struggling with writing copy all together. So you decide to hire a freelancer. You're gambling on a sales letter that you don't know will covert for you. Because that freelancer you hire is a content writer disguising themselves as a copywriter to make a quick buck.

You need someone that knows what they're doing, because running a business is already a stressful enough. You need that time to focus on dominating your market.... and...

As Soon As Possible.

I want to help you with a sales letter that will drag your reader in kicking and screaming... and...

They'll Be Happy You Did.

Why? Because of what you had to offer was so incredible they'd be crazy not to take it. (Kick your feet up, and look at your bank statement with all the profits you've raked in. Because you've got a sales letter that will pull in the cash .) You'll have a freelancer that knows the Secret Strategies that the top sales Pro's and copywriter Experts use to sell ice to Eskimos! Using science, and psychology to captive your customer. This will have them hanging on every word.

Here the story:

Coming from a Direct Sales background in Life Insurance, Cars Sales, and Selling Kitchen Knife sets. I wanted to be “The Greatest Salesman In The World!”, but I didn't like the corporate prison. I decided to become a Direct Response Copywriter insted. Using the sales skill I picked up along the way. I would help veteran business owners and start ups entrepreneurs. Writing letters that will swoon the money right out of customers pockets. I started learning all the strategies from Sales experts like David Hoffman (Authour of The Science of Selling), Grant Cardone (Sell or Be Sold), and Tony Robbins (The Greatest Salesman Alive).

Then I started learning the best secrets in copywriting from my mentors John Carlton (“The Most ripped-off and respected copywriter in direct marketing”), Gary Halbert (“The World’s Greatest Copywriter”), and Dan Kennedy (No B.S. Direct Marketer).

I found a way to put this all together, and give you a sales letter that will…

Tease the five senses of your customer. Through captivating storytelling. (They’ll be feeling, tasting, seeing, smelling, touching your product in their imagination.) Your customer will be wanting the product now, because you stole their heart with your offer!

Answering the 6 why question. (Why change, why you, your product, your company, why now, why spend the money). This eliminates any objections your customers have. (Giving them a reason to tell the spouse that you’ve given them a deal of a lifetime.)

Drop Reactance. (Giving the illusion of free will to your customer) They’ll think they have a choice, but you've already chosen for them!

In-depth Market Research. (Giving you a competitive edge over the competition.) Knowing what sets you apart is your secret weapon. (Your customers will think your the only solution to their problem.)

My rate for this would be $100 an hour, but since I want to help you as much as I can I’m only doing half that for $50 an hour. For my first 10 clients. Then I’ll have to raise it.

Also since I’m new to the direct response game, so I want to take the risk off you, and give you a 3 month money back guarantee. If it didn’t pull in one sale in that time frame I’ll give you a free revision or your money back.

Other freelancer won’t be this crazy to give you an offer like this! You’re free to try them out, if you choose.
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