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I Help Businesses Sell Things

Hi there,

I'm Dylan and I am a freelance copywriter and content marketer. My goal is to help businesses reach their target audiences and make more sales. Some of my recent accomplishments have been helping a tech company 7x their Kickstarter goal, selling out an elite coaches workshop, and tripling monthly revenue for a children's eCommerce brand, to name a few.

I write for coaches, family entertainment, children, relationships and conflict, mental health, gardening and horticulture, outdoors, and more.

I do full research gathered through scholarly or peer-reviewed sources only. I also use Grammarly as an extra layer of protection to ensure my writing is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

I specialize in email marketing, social media marking, and content marketing for your webpages, landing pages, and blogs.

Reach out if you have a project you need help with.

Talk soon,
Dylan Martin
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Press Release, Direct Mail, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Script, Landing Page
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CSU, Monterey Bay, Biology - Evolution, Ecology And Organismal Focus
Medford, OR, USA|English

Published Content

Blog Post
Unicorn Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Here is a blog post targeting busy mothers who want to throw a Unicorn-themed party for their daughter. The blog is meant to have affiliate links (not included) to earn commissions on sales of recommended products.

Blog Post
How A Copywriter Can Boost Your Sales

Here is a post about how a copywriter is able to help boost business branding and sales.

Unlearn Biases, Racism, and Hatred

The goal of this article was to help people understand how to take their "power" back. Much of what we learn comes from outside sources and we develop attitudes, biases, and hate for others based on these "learned" beliefs.

August 4th, 2019
The Power Of Niche

The Power Of Niche describes how to become a better marketer of your writing services. It explains how learning a few core competencies couples with an area of focus, one can leverage this into better writing gigs.

July 27th, 2019
Dylan Martin's Copywriting Portfolio

Here is my portfolio on Google Drive.

Developing Forgiveness And Compassion

This article helps readers develop forgiveness and compassion toward those who have hurt them. It explains how the hurt or loss is not an attack on their inherent nature, but the inability of others not having the capacity to communicate or show love.

July 27th, 2019
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