Ephraim Ibekwe

A talented Young Professional striving to creat impact

I am a young talented Professional with my undergraduate studies in Philosophy. In my career I have continued to create impact through writing and volunteering. I have sound knowledge of English language, however due to my keen interest in learning new skills, I have practiced my English in communicating with native speakers and had written several texts and articles in English. Furthermore, I had undertaken a self study in German and Italian language, though with no certificate of proficiency in those languages I boast of my little knowledge of communication. In addition to these I have a Diploma in Latin Language which also had aided my knowledge of English, and my ability to communicate and write well. I am a member of Amnesty International, academia.edu, American Philosophical Association etc.
My strength also includes communications, maturity, honesty and the ability to effectively relate with individuals at all levels and cultural backgrounds.

Academic Achievements
The Oracle: Youths the Leaders of Tomorrow Ibekwe Ephraim“Youths and their Potential Actualization pgs 43-45 Barlooz Publishing House :Imo State, Owerri

The Pointer Magazine; “Centinnial of Nigereria’s Amalgamation” Ibekwe Ephraim: Leadership; Nigeria’s Solitary Deliquency. Pgs15-16. [ISSN 115-1556, VOL.23 NO 1] 2014.Enugu:Enugu
IbekweEphraim“Healing of The Mind”Spes; The Morals of Responsibility [Vol. 1, No1, 2014]Imo State:Owerri

Ibekwe Ephraim “Questioning Globalisation and Economic Crises”Philosophy, Science and Our Today ,Applause B Multi-Sects. Ltd owerri. Imo state, 2013, Pgs 106-116.
Ibid viii-xii
An Academic Presentation on the “Critical Dissection of Rene Descartes Discourse on Method” [June 2012]
Globalisation. Academia.edu/IbekweEphraim “Evaluation of Placid Tempel’s Ethnophilosophy”, ‘Wining the Pyrrhic War’, “Philosophy in the global Energy Source”
Ibekwe E., [2011], Discovering the Self: A path to a Model Soceity; Barloz Publishers Inc. Owerri; Nigeria. Pgs i-158
Ibekwe E., [2012], Nigeria Our Heritage: In-depth Analyses of the Challenges of Nigerian Society Applause B Multi-Sects. Ltd owerri. Imo state. pgs i-239
Ibekwe E., [2014], ‘Bertrand Russell’s Critique of Religion’: A memoir Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy [ June 2014]
Ibekwe E., [2015], Compatibility of Science and Religion Applause B Multi-Sects. Ltd owerri. Imo state, pgs i-304 ISBN: 978-978-950-885-3
Ibekwe E., [2017] Bertrand Russell’s Critique of Religion’: A memoir Presented in Partial, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbruken: Germany ISBN, 978-3-330-04000-7
Unpublished The effects of Culture in World Leadership System
Some Online Articles and Works
Analysis of Nietzsche’s Genelogy of morals: https://www.academia.edu/12347296/ANALYSIS_OF_NIETZSCHE_S_GENEOLOGY_OF_MORALS,
Africa and Cultural Authenticity:
Philosophy in the global black Gold Energy Source
Questioning Globalisation, Economic Growth and Human Development
Evaluation of Placid Tempel’s Ethonophilosophy
The Holocaust Why Did It Happen?

International Work

Ibekwe Ephraim:https://globaljournals.org/GJHSS_Volume15/3-Questioning-Globalization-Economic.pdf pg. 28-34
Invited to Present a Paper in Singapore in June 2015 [cf. common.grdsweb.org/list-of-communicating-authors and France in April, 2016

Seminar and symposium attended
Whelan Research Academy [WRAC] Owerri Dec. 8th-10th 2013: “Functionality of Education in Contemporary Nigeria”
Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu [BMS] Enugu 2013. Authentic Living in Heidegger’s Dasein
1st National Quiz Convention, Of National Association University of Ibadan [UI] March 2014 with Certificate of Excellence.
Spiritan School of Philosophy Isienu, Enugu [SSPE], Nigeria and Authentic Living, 2012.

Post and Offices Held
Oracle Magazine maiden Edition, Editor-in-Chief 2008
Student Academic Dean-
Department of Philosophy Imo State University 2013-2014
Vice President National Association of Philosophy Students, Owerri Branch 2012-2013
President National Association of Philosophy Students Owerri Branch 2013-2014 [NAPS]
President Nigerian Major Seminary Association of Philosophy Students 2013-2014

American Philosophical Association[APA]
Wisdom Pro-Life Movenment
Global Association for Humanities and Social Science Research (GAHSSR), https://gahssr.org/about-us.php: Scientific Committee
Amnesty International

Volunteer /Work Experiences

The Guide Newspaper, Ahiara Diocese, Imo State Owerri 2016-
Production Editor till Date
Luminia University
Secretary/ Education and Awareness Sub-Committee 2015-2016
Mater cyber café (ICT) Department. 2014-2015

National Association of Philosophy Students Nigeria, Owerri Branch
Editorial President Pointer Magazine 2014-2015
Home of Peace and Care for the Depressed and Homeless 2015
Fun Master

Global Association for Humanities and Social Science Research (GAHSSR),
SF-45, JTM, Manglam, Jaipur - 17, Rajasthan, India 2014-
Advisory Board
SantoBrite Manufacturing Industry
Information Technology 2012-2014
Sound Care
Food Distributor [Voluntary] 2013
Applause B Publishing Company
Computer Operator/Editor 2013-2013
St. Josephs Care Home 2012-2013
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