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One way I help many entrepreneurs is by looking at your competitors, particularly that one that seems to be doing something just right. If compatible with your brand, I can do two things that’ll grow your business almost immediately:

1. Find their secret sauce
2. Make it better and apply it to your business

That’s all your business needs sometimes: Taking something that works, understanding it inside and out, two times around, and then making a superb version of it. If you let me do this for your audience, I’m almost certain your business will see exponential growth.

In either case, it is certain you’ll advance in some way. Your business WILL move at least one step forward.


Now I’m going to stop selling to you and tell you a little more about my experience and background.

I've dealt with hundreds of clients over the years in about a dozen industries. I enjoy working with communicative clients, those who know what their goals are, and have reasonable deadlines and expectations.

I’ve seen both sides of the coin. I’ve been (and I am) an entrepreneur, and a freelancer. I know that every penny you spend needs to do something for your business. I understand the value of time, and I will not waste yours, and will certainly not waste mine on projects I think aren’t going anywhere.

With a strong background in digital marketing, I can help you maximize your conversion rates and find new ways to influence your traffic based on who you’re targeting. I do this through providing copy that’s perfect for your end-goal and audience in every way.

Here’s a list of specific things I'm currently offering as part of my service:

• Writing copy that delivers – I can help you speak to your audience in a way that’ll make them do one thing: Act. We can do this with everything from your home page to your landing page, your ads, email newsletter, every CTA button you’re using, and every piece of your business that your traffic will be exposed to. My copywork for your business will be twofold – you won’t just receive copy that works, you’ll automatically receive an audit of everything I look at.

• Creative writing – I’ve recently (past few years) wet my feet in comedy and poetry. I only self-publish these for now, but I’m eager to give my creative writing a try in a business environment. If you're a solo practitioner, I'll help your stand-up routine come to life with expressions, movement, and delivery.

• Video work: Many people don’t understand that a video ad depends on a good copy and influence-based mindset as much as a landing page does. I’ve spend the better part of 2019 helping one entrepreneur lift of his eCommerce business off the ground with ads that they plastered over Facebook and Instagram.

Video is a vital part of online marketing today: Length, CTAs, captions, colors, transitions, audio, and perfect stock footage. These are the things we thought through together and experimented with.

Eventually we found a combination that made his audience click through! You can see his testimonial below:

"It was a pleasure working with Edvin. He has a solid understanding of sales and copywriting which allowed him to create extremely effective sales videos for our products. He's dependable and doesn't stop until you're satisfied with the final result. I would recommend him for any kind of sales/copywriting position."

Here's a list of things I'm also experienced in professionally, but do not offer as a service at this time:

- SEO (On-page, link-building, outreach/networking)
- Editing (+Content management)
- Internet marketing management
- 3D (interior design and render)
- Audience & competitor research
- Writing (long-form articles: case studies and product reviews, and CV/resume writing)

My clients always say they're baffled, stunned, and even inspired with how much thought & effort I invest in their projects. I like to think I have many skills, but to this day, I think that tops everything else off.

Thanks for taking the time. Please get in touch if you want a new set of eyes on your business. We can create a whole new campaign for you or simply dot a few i's and cross a few t's to nudge your business in the right direction.

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