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Content Strategist, Developmental Editor

Digital marketing professional with 6 years of experience

I am a digital marketing expert with 6 years experience in both desktop and mobile performance marketing. Over the course of my career I have worked in mobile marketing agency developing mobile marketing strategies for prominent brands (L’oreal, Knip, KaufDa, Candy Crush etc.) for user acquisition and retention across different channels (Google, Facebook, affilate marketing, DSPs, SSPs), defining right target audiences and KPIs for each marketing campaign.

As a part of account management team at the industry standard tracking tool for marketing, I was responsible for technical tracking setups for mobile marketing campaigns of key app and mobile marketing networks in the market.

Overall, being working on both traffic and technical side in advertising industry I have gained a comprehensive set of knowledge to contribute to your project with the experience I have in developing right marketing strategy for your product, choosing the appropriate advertising channels, identifying right target audiences and allocating your marketing budget for the highest ROI.

Please see my relevant experience in detail below:

Account Manager
Tune, Hasoffers Inc. - Global Enterprise SaaS Platform

Providing day to day maintenance and development of client database by
managing relationships with over 80 key European accounts with over $600.000
MRR (advertising networks, marketing agencies, e-commerce platforms)
Onboarding new clients with the product and establishing success criteria for
them to ensure the use of relevant product functionality
Providing prompt technical, programmatic support (including API support) and
daily troubleshooting of the issues and bugs to ensure successful product use.
This enabled clients to track and analyse marketing campaigns while optimising
on their KPIs, which lead to the average monthly revenue growth of over 15%
across top 20 clients
Gathering and analysing product feedback and communicating clients' feature
requests to the Product and IT teams, this significantly contributed to TUNE's
product improvement over the time (e.g. build faster reporting structure,
improve UX, translation to multiple languages)
Education of clients on main and new product features through webinars, teamand
personal trainings, improving the product support documentation
Negotiating contract upgrades and up-selling additional products to increase
customer LTV, on average I upgraded 4 to 6 accounts per month to the higher
product edition
Monitoring account health and reducing likelihood of churn by offering timely
help and optimal product use conditions for each account

2014/12 -
Marketing Campaign Manager
Fonpit AG (APP MEDIA) - Performance Marketing Agency

Managed and optimized mobile marketing campaigns (CPI, CPA, CPR, CPRe) for
the range of clients (e.g. King, L'oreal, Zinga) to help reach their targets on in-app
purchases and retention rate KPI of over 25% post 90 days.
Managed traffic and media buying on different channels such as: Google
Adwords, Facebook, DSPs, SSPs, Ad Networks and Affiliates.
Combined user data analysis, client feedback and trends to meet client’s
objectives of increasing MAU on follow-up campaign by 2-5%
Grew the company's publisher database by recruiting over 30 new partners,
which later became key traffic sources that grew company revenue by 25%.
Built realistic and optimal media planning and campaign proposals for the
clients based on their KPIs, which included proposing relevant channels and
targeting criteria
Day-to-day performance analysis and reporting from several industry leading
tracking platforms including Appsflyer, Adjust, TMC, and Fonpit's own custom

2012/09 -
Online Marketing Manager
Global Leads Group GmbH - E-commerce platform

SEO /SEM: Managed on and off-page SEO, social media marketing, day-to-day
monitoring of the website's analytics, and optimizing the backlink profile of the
Content Management: Supervised freelancers on quality content strategy and
production, and recruited new publishers on to the platform.
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