Liz Knueven

Copywriter, Writer

Freelance automotive writer

I help brands in the automotive industry with their content marketing and blogs.
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Article, Blog Post, Website Copy, Script, Ad/Promotional Copy, Social Copy, Social Video, Buyers Guide
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Savannah College of Art and Design, Writing
Seattle, WA, USA|English

Automotive Writing

Blog Post
13 Best Crossover SUVs in 2019
January, 21 2019
Maximize Your EV Savings in 2019
January, 4 2019
Blog Post
Holiday Gas Prices
December, 11 2018
Understanding Your Car Loan
December, 4 2018
Blog Post
Drive Green in 2019: 8 Eco-Friendly Vehicles to Look For Next Year
November, 5 2018
110 Years of GM
November, 21 2018
Blog Post
So You Want an Electric Car? Here’s What You Should Consider Before Making the Switch
August, 29 2018
Blog Post
Is Jaywalking Still a Crime?
The Best Way To Sell Your Car
September, 24 2018
2015 Scion iQ Review
September, 7 2018
Blog Post
From Cincinnati to Seattle in a PHEV
August, 15 2018
Buyers Guide
2017 Chevrolet SS Review
August, 13 2018
Buyers Guide
2019 Toyota Avalon Review
August, 9 2018
Buyers Guide
2017 Lexus CT Review
August, 10 2018
Buyers Guide
2017 Chrysler 200 Review
August, 10 2018
Buyers Guide
2017 Nissan NV200 Review
August, 10 2018
Buyers Guide
2018 MINI Cooper Review
August, 9 2018
Buyers Guide
2019 Jeep Cherokee Review
August, 7 2018
Explainer Video
Brake Pads: Features Between Z23 Evolution Sport & Euro-Stop (brake dust, brake performance, noise)

Wrote the script for this video that explains the difference between two different products, helping customers find the one that's right for them.

July, 30 2018
Website Copy
Proposition 65: How Power Stop is Complying with California’s Updated Regulations

Information on a new law impacting Powerstop's customers and distributors in California.

July, 26 2018
Blog Post
Keeping Your Boat Trailer Ship-Shape
July, 26 2018
Buyers Guide
2014 BMW 3 Series Review

Buyer's guide for the 2014 BMW 3 Series. Worked on writing and researching this overview section.

July, 16 2018
Blog Post
10 of the Best V8 Engine Muscle Cars

This blog post was written for Autowise to increase traffic to the site through SEO based on several keywords.

June, 19 2018
Blog Post
The Camper Field Guide: What to Know When Shopping for a Trailer

A blog post I wrote for Tire Buyer. My goal as a writer is to give customers useful and helpful information for their blog.

June, 15 2018

Travel Writing

A Gearhead’s Guide to Route 66
December, 12 2018
Blog Post
I Planned To Study Abroad For Two Years And I’m Not Going

An article I wrote about my experience with study abroad for the publication that I did copyediting work for.

June, 27 2016
Judge Me, Haters: Why I Love Allegiant Airlines

Written for a small travel magazine.

December, 30 2017
Maria Petterson: from Pilot to Public Figure

Written for a small travel magazine.

October, 20 2017
Careers in Transit: The Life and Times of Pilot Petitt

Written for a small travel website.

October, 7 2017
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