Elizabeth Marcy

Editor, Writer, Graphic Designer

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I am a graphic artist, writer, and novice editor. While I have no degree, I have written a plethora of educational reports and have an expert level writing skill, be it fiction or non.
I love writing about case studies, especially on child development and cult leaders, from Genie to David Koresh.
I write not only to get inside someone's head and inform others on their difficulties or wrongdoings, but I also write to inspire. I believe every word written is taken to heart--why not write just to heal and inspire others?

My art style focuses on fauna. I am extremely skilled drawing animals and can typically finish a piece within 2 weeks. Personally, I lean towards surrealism, but I can create mundane pieces just as well.
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Ebook, Presentation, Case Study, Documentary, Illustration
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Garden City, KS USA|English

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