Elizabeth Yarbrough

Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

I'm an expert in writing about exceptional employee experiences.

I help business leaders create the employee experience that will grow their business, their legacy, and their bottom line.

Those deliverables look like creating scalable training content and organizational processes, systematizing employee-employer feedback loops, and measuring and tracking HR analytics (yes, even small businesses should be doing that!).

I grew up as the daughter, niece and granddaughter of business owners. Some of my earliest memories include listening in on conversations about starting, failing at, and restarting new businesses. I understood success as something you achieved through lots of hard work, a dose of good luck, and a never-ending reinvention of yourself.

Nearly a decade of running my own business taught me that if you're not nailing your employee experience, you don't have an "HR" problem - YOU HAVE A BUSINESS PROBLEM!

I pursued a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology from The University of Southern California, where I studied organizational psychology and consumer psychology to solve real-world business problems.

Today, I combine my own business experience and acumen with my advanced psychology degree to advise business leaders at the start - or restart - of their business so they can take it exactly where they want it to go.

My mantra: The talent strategy is the business strategy.

In my free time you might find me in a (virtual) hot yoga class, on my paddle board, or adding another book to the never-ending reading list.

For employee experiences resources: https://talentality.com/resources
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