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I'm an autdodidactic polymath with a wide variety of knowledge; certainly enought to write about most things. Generally, I am an essayist sticking to efficient, semantically logical expression with respect to phonetics and origins of languages; commonly referencing Greek and Latin for disambiguative purposes. Ontological logic is my main domain of interest, but I have had many 'me's' over the coarse of my life, engulfing nutrition and health/self healing modalities, herbalism, self sustainability, photography, and plenty more. I have a special flair for upselling things I enjoy and stand behind. Feel welcomed to communicate with me, and be conditioned I reserve energy for intentional writing, not always finding it necessary to ensure everything written is poetry, as I used to do.

I've written well over 1,000 pages within this last year from essays to poetry, and am eager to complete editing to have the works published. (Also an editor for more coherent or fluid reading.)
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Alginate Community College, N/A

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A Balderdash – The Meet of Pan n El
July 26, 2018
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